Luncheon & Learn: Stress Related Fatigue and Weight Gain

Hub Healthy Connections founder Brook Jones will host Luncheon & Learn: Stress Related Fatigue and Weight Gain Wednesday, May 20, 11:30am to 1pm, at Cotton Blues. Admission is $12, when you preregister online, and $14 at the door; lunch is included.

Eventbrite - Luncheon & Learn: Stress Related Fatigue and Weight Gain

This luncheon will feature Lynda Avery, N.P. and owner of Legacy Health Center. Avery is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 23 years of nursing experience.

Avery fought fatigue for 19 years while furthering her education, having children, caring for patients, and over-obligating herself with various community and church activities. She kept her struggles secret until realizing she wasn’t the only one battling stress, fatigue, and weight gain.

“When I started taking their (her patients’) family situations, jobs, other health issues, dietary habits, and coping strategies into consideration, I realized that STRESS was at the root of many of their health issues too, especially the fatigue…Knowing what’s out of balance is a major step in being proactive in treating the stress related fatigue and weight gain. Once the stress of the fatigue and excess weight are alleviated, then one can better focus on dealing with and even eliminating some of the stress in his life,” said Avery.

Legacy Health Center focuses on patients’ health in respect to all facets: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental and social. Their mission is to enhance the joys of life and ease the discomfort of the aging process by treating diseases, promoting health and wellness, minimizing the effects of the common diseases and syndromes, and in some cases eliminating or reversing them all together, which greatly improves one’s quality of life.

Brook Jones, founder of Red Door Marketing and Hub Healthy Connections, has partnered with local medical providers and businesses to offer a monthly luncheon to the public. The series of luncheons will cover a variety of healthcare topics presented by local medical practitioners.  The Hub Healthy Connections Expo is Saturday, October 10 at the Historic Train Depot, 308 Newman Street.  Please email for more information and sponsorship opportunities.

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