Dear Hattiesburg

This sums up how I feel about this wonderful community. #HattiesburgILoveYou

How To: Be The Girl With A Blog


Dear Hattiesburg,

When I first came to you, I already liked you, but for different reasons than I do now. I liked that you were bigger than my small hometown. I liked that other people told me they liked you. I liked you for your location: you were far enough from home to remind me what it meant to be homesick, close to my grandparents when I needed a hug, and you were close to the coast and New Orleans when I needed a getaway. I liked that you were big enough to have a bunch of things to do. I liked that you were a college town while also somehow being so family-oriented. I valued your hospitality, and your sweet sense of community. You didn’t wait for Saturdays to wear your black and gold and support your golden eagles, because you loved them too much to keep the fandom…

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